Youth & Kiddie Arm

Our Youth and Kiddie Arm Mission Statement is:

Progressive Credit Union will pursue the development of our youth ensuring that Co-operative principles, philosophies and practices are taught and adopted by encouraging awareness of the values of the Credit Union.

Some of the advantages of a Kiddie Account are:

  • Own savings at a tender age
  • Encourage thrift and savings
  • Assistance with financing future projects e.g. education
  • Financial preparation for the working world
  • Dividends payable annually

Some of the advantages of a Youth Account are:

  • Introduction to business activities
  • Educational programmes and bursaries
  • July/August Internship
  • Dividends payable annually

In addition to a membership form, you would also need:

  • Copy of parent/guardian ID
  • Copy of Birth Paper
  • Utility Bill (no older than 3 months)
  • Twenty Five ($25.00) Entrance Fee